Can Gary borrow enough hammers from Ace to forge her own way, or is Ace completely misinterpreting this lesson?

From the Red Pill

Week 18: Forge Your Own Path

Recently, I looked around and found that many of my close friends are coupling off. My longtime best friend has a new girlfriend, my friend who has the college town connections is establishing a relationship, even Fred, my roommate and consigliere on all things red pill, has a new FWB that occupies time previously spent going out and practicing game and getting women.

It kind of blows. To lose your 3 wing-men almost concurrently. It's annoying. You want to hit the bars or clubs on weekends, go out, meet women, and your wing doesn't.

But maybe you're on the other side of the coin. Maybe you have a fun, new girl in your life (and bed) and you'd honestly rather not go out. You don't get why anyone would want to go spend a min. of $50 a night in the city when you have the end goal of it right there.

In these cases your interests and goals are different, and that can lead to group tension. Here are some things to keep in mind.

(Both)Remember it's a rational decision; If you had a girl you could call up and have her come over with a 99.8% guaranteed bang at the end of the night, without the financial investment of going out, ordering overpriced drinks, and talking to a bunch of awful people then you would do it. Likewise, if you don't have that girl, the idea of not going out, leading to a guaranteed zero percent chance of action, is an equally poor investment.

(Both)Don't get offended; In line with the first point, don't be offended by your friends desire to stay in with his girl/ not stay in with you and your girl. It isn't personal, its the biological imperative on all men to seek out attractive available women.

Don't Flake; Having a new girl in your life is no reason to act like one. If you make plans with a bud, don't flake to go hang with the girl, not only is this generally douchey, but its beta as fuck. On the same note, no I don't mind if she tags along to grab a beer, yes I mind if she tags along all the time and yes, you should ask, or at least alert me of her unplanned invitation.

Go solo; Given that we now understand the rationality of both positions, your only option is to go it alone, or use a different wing. I personally hate solo work, but with all of my quality wing-men gone, its a necessary evil to get where I want to be.

Wk XVII Challenge: You guessed it, pick a night and go solo. Grab a coffee at a bookstore, a drink at the bar, or check out a music venue. Go alone and do five approaches. Post results