Gary takes a week off of her ongoing challenges to see how the other half lives, but can she loaf now that she's Alpha?

From the Red Pill

Week 11: Resolve

Hi all, Last week, I decided to take a break. I'm preparing to graduate in early May, and between that and a heavy workload, I thought I could do with a break. I took a break from the gym and relaxed my diet, I ate chocolate, french fries and pasta. Rather than going out and lifting/running/hitting on pretty girls, I stayed in and caught up on my favorite shows. and you know what? I feel terrible. The excess sugar made sick and groggy headed, the carb loading (after 3 mos. of strict keto) gave me a borderline allergic reaction, and as I type this I feel sick, angry, weak, and overall, sucky.

The Alpha lifestyle is a choice. It also isn't an easy choice. It hurts. A lot. You deny yourself certain foods, certain recreations. You drag yourself to the gym, even after a 12 hour day, to run 2 miles and bench until your chest hurts. You go out, smile, and talk to women, even when you want to do anything but.

I do this, because I want the dividends. I do this because, for all I listed in the 2nd paragraph; the denials, the pushing, the forced smiles and the hated runs, I would rather that a million times over than a life lead like paragraph 1. For me, beta is simply not an option.

Challenge: To see a path through to the end, your resolve must be impeccable. It's time to test your resolve. If you have had doubts, or questioned if this lifestyle is for you, take 3 days off. Don't diet, don't go to the gym. Loaf around like the rest of the world's beta male population. See what you're missing. I guarantee it's not much. Post your experiences here.