In every interaction, the true Alpha is always Dominant. This week, Gary dominates.

From the Red Pill

Week 15: Dominate

In everyday interactions, a person is either dominant or submissive. This means that you are either in charge, or not. You are either the leader, or the follower, the Alpha or the Beta, in command, or taking orders. Clear yet? Good then, moving on.

Masculinity is directly correlated to dominance. One of the most basic components of being a man is achieving that dominance; over nature, over his fellow man, over his whole world, (yes, especially over his sexual partners)

But how can one achieve this? Surely we all have bosses, everyone answers to someone? I get that, but as a man, you need to build and exert dominance where/whenever you can

Some ideas/ suggestions for increasing your dominance;

  • Body At the very least, be dominant over your self. Eat right, exercise, develop great style.
  • Social Build social dominance by having high social value. Throw the big parties, make friends with the club bouncers and the bar owners. In short be the man to know.
  • Work The toughest one. Most of us work in fields which necessitate a boss, or senior partners, or clients. Two ways to minimize this;
  • Be indispensable
  • Start your own business/ Work for yourself

Wk XIV Challenge: Identify your level of dominance in each of these three areas. Which one needs the most work? What specifically can/will you do to become a more dominant man?