Gary takes up some hobbies, but are they for her, or just to get her laid? Is there really a difference?

From the Red Pill:

Week 4. Hobby Time

When asked if you have any hobbies, what would you respond? No, drinking and video games do not count. Today it's time to focus on your hobby life. Do you have a constructive hobby? One that you can share? If not, you might be suffering from a case of "boring dude" syndrome.

Today get yourself a hobby.

Begin your journey to honing a skill or craft not directly related to your career path. Bonus points if the hobby is a panty-wetter.

Having a hobby will give you interesting things to talk about, make you a more interesting man, and give you something to bond over with both men and women.

Great examples:

  • Music writing
  • Learning an instrument
  • Learn to dance
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn to paint
  • Take up skydiving

Today is the day. Do it. Get a hobby. Go to the gym. You have no excuses. Report back.