Gary contemplates trying to pick up women with the goal of getting rejected. Is she alpha enough to be unsuccessful, or is being a happily committed woman too great a disadvantage?

From the Red Pill

Week 14: 25 Approaches

One of the toughest parts of approaching women is what we refer to as approach anxiety, or AA. What AA really amounts to is fear of getting rejected. For some males, this is a crippling fear that stunts their inner alpha potential, and by extension, their sex life. AA is not something you cure, but you can build a tolerance so that you learn to ignore your fear. Eventually, you will even be able to turn your AA into a strength, and use it to energize your approaches.

Weekend Challenge:

Approach 25 women this weekend with the express purpose of getting rejected. This will help you learn that rejection isn't fatal or even really personal. Build your tolerance to AA and let your fear make you stronger.

Post results here in the comments.

EDIT: Attempt to get rejected in your opener or the next 5 minutes of conversation. If you get past this point, you may convert to an actual #,k, or f close attempt.