Do the clothes make the Gary?

This week, we take a special feild trip to Gary's closet to narrow down a bewildering array of fashion options. Can we reduce her wardrobe by 60%? Can Ace tell the difference between knickers and bloomers?

From the Red Pill

Week 9: Find a Style

We're all familiar with the phrase "the clothes make the man", well, the good news for you is that's not true. But they DO play a role in defining to the rest of the world who you are. All things being equal, who is more likely to have a high value, the man dressed like he's homeless or the man in a suit? For this week, evaluate your wardrobe and determine what 'style' you are presenting to the world, what style do you want to present?

Challenge: Once you decide on your style, donate any clothes you own that don't fit that image to charity. Over the course of the next year, rebuild your wardrobe to match the image you want to present.