Gary undertakes a campaign to figure out what on earth a campaign is.

This week Gary dives a bit more into the writings of Esther Vilar:

So here is what I am chewing on this week: Men and women have some physical differences in their bodies, right?

More than just secondary sex characteristics, there are some actual, verifiable differences between the genders and how much strength they have. Men build more muscle tissue, they end up larger due to sexual dimorphism, etc.

Even this leads to massive gender manipulation.

The formula for this female conspiracy could not be simpler: it is masculine to work, feminine to do nothing. And men are so lucky to be men! They are strong and free, while women, weak as they are, are tied to the home by the burden of bearing children. They are simply not made for any valuable kind of work.

Remembering, of course that childrearing doesn’t count. It isn’t invisible/undervalued work, as feminists complain. It is a massive conspiracy to defraud men of their hard earned money.

Of course, if men really wanted to, they could destroy this tissue of lies and replace the terms `masculine' and `effeminate' with `hard' and `easy' For most work done by men is hard, whereas housework is always easy.

It is not even drudgery or emotionally draining. Because remember, men invent everything for women to stay home and wax the floors in style. It is a privilege to have no control over the finances or input in shaping one’s future.

But beyond hard and easy, lets go back to this concept of strong versus fragile bodies. Big dudes versus smaller women. The whole idea of chivalry, walking women to their cars, being out with them when they are out at night.

Complete, misandrist bullshit.

See, what Vilar has done, is shown that these physical differences have been used to control men. Men are the victims with their big strong bodies.

The most cynical aspect of the `good manners' etiquette is the role of protector which is forced on a man. This begins harmlessly enough, it is true. He follows her when going upstairs, or walks on the traffic side of a pavement. It is when we reach the level of military service and war that the significance of this becomes more serious. One of the most important rules is that a man must, under all circumstances. protect a woman from unpleasantness - even, if necessary, with his life.

A man isn’t protecting a woman from any valid sense of harm or threat. He is protecting her from every kind of unpleasantness. Thus reinforcing her psuedo weakness and sycophantic nature.

Vilar turns this on its head. Protect women, No, send them to war!

Since woman is unfeeling, she could cope with the psychological effects of war atrocities more easily than a man, and the modern form of war requires neither physical strength nor intelligence, only the ability to survive (tenacity). All statistics about life-spans show that women live longer than men, and therefore are tougher. A normally developed North American woman who has taken sports at school, for example, is certainly not inferior in physical strength to the much smaller Vietnamese men. A GI fighting against Asian men is making war on an enemy no stronger than his college girlfriends.

From the Red Pill

Week 6: Go on a Campaign

First, to understand what I mean, read Roosh's piece on campaigns;

Men look at the situation, develop a plan, and proactively work to solve the problem. Challenge: Over the next 6 weeks, do one of the following:

  • Learn a second language to conversational fluency.
  • Increase your max. bench by 50lbs+
  • Take 3 minutes of your best time for running a mile
  • Do 100 approaches
  • ecome an expert on a new topic
  • Learn a useful skill (i.e, engine repair, computer programming, hunting, etc)

Tell us all which one you're choosing. Report back in six weeks with the results.