In every interaction, the true Alpha is always Dominant. This week, Gary dominates.

From the Red Pill

Week 16: The Family Alpha

As you learn and grow into a man worthy of the title, you may find that those least supportive or encouraging of your quest for self improvement are those who are closest to you. Family, Friends, Current romantic partners, these people will all find reasons to dump on the positive changes you make, whether your friends become jealous as start to constantly outperform them picking up women, or your GF sees you being eyed by girls prettier than her, it's time to address this problem which many of you may already be facing.

Be a leader. Right now, you have developed more leadership and alpha knowledge than 80% of the population. The average person is a follower, they want to be led.

Let her be jealous. Contrary to popular opinion, fear and jealousy are good. If shes scared to lose you, it means she perceives you as high value. It also means she'll feel compelled to improve to hold on to you, the concept is called 'dread' game, and its a monogamous man's best friend. Drop poison people. This is overstated, but bears repeating here. Negative people will hold you back and tear you down. Drop them.

Not everyone is ready. Eventually, you'll be tempted to spread your knowledge, and share your success with others. Be careful, not everyone is ready to embrace change. I recommend letting results speak for themselves, then explaining theories and principles. (Alternatively, send them here!)

Wk XV Challenge

Identify what problems have you had with friends and family since beginning this process? How have/will you overcome them? As usual, share below.