This week Gary confronts some uncomfortable truths, but are they the ones she is supposed to confront? Is she uncomfortable enough?

From the Red Pill

Week 10: Uncomfortable truths

This week, we are going to take the red pill, as Morpheus would say. This means we are going to acknowledge some of the pleasant little lies we tell ourselves, accept the knowledge, and move forward. A real man sees the world as it is, rather than as he wants it to be. Inconvenient Truths Every Man Should Know

  • If a girl ever calls you a "nice guy", there is a 0% chance she will fuck you.
  • Women and Men are as different psychologically as they are biologically.
  • 'Picking up women' is a zero sum game. Your friends don't want you to get women, because they want them, just like you.
  • Romantic Love is a biological state not chemically unlike a cocaine high. It lasts for 18mos. to 2 years. After that its a mix of lust, psychology, and familiarity.
  • Few if any people care about you beyond what you can give/do for them.

/r/TheRedPill is a great resource for dismantling some of our comforting lies regarding gender relations, if you feel like going deeper down that rabbit hole.

This week’s Challenge:

What uncomfortable truths do you think a man needs to face? List below.