Gary learns to defend herself, but can she take a punch as well as she can deliver one?

From the Red Pill

Week 13: Self Defense

By now, if you're sticking with us you've probably noticed some gains in your physical strength. Congratulations, and keep pushing. Now, work on learning to put that strength to use.

One characteristic all true men share is the ability to defend themselves. Until recently in human history, the prime job of the Alpha man was protecting his tribe and territory from others seeking to take/harm it/him. Learning to defend yourself will make you a stronger, more confident man who doesn't need to fear risk or conflict. There are literally hundreds of different styles of self defense to choose from, but some basics every man should know how to do.

  • Throw a punch without breaking your hand.
  • Block a punch/kick
  • Talk down an imminent threat and avoid violence altogether.
  • Take a punch without crumpling into a sobbing heap.

Personally, I incorporate martial arts into my workout regiment, as I find it makes workouts better. Note that I'm not advocating initiating violence, but to not prepare yourself for violence in the hopes it never occurs is childish and foolhardy.