Gary takes on the final exam of Man School... you guessed it, Small Talk.

From the Red Pill

Week 25: Small Talk

In response to some of the thread responses and PMs I've been getting, this week we will be talking about small talk and discussing discussion. More specifically, the traits the makes a man a good conversationalist, particularly with women.

Being a good conversationalist means different things depending on your audience Here, I will discuss how to be a good conversationalist with relation to women:

  • Save the intense and academic topics for your male friends- or at least until you know a women well and she has expressed interest in an issue. Women generally tend to become bored by topics they don't understand.
  • Avoid politics & religion Unless you met her at a Clinton 2016 rally, or your annual State GOP summer picnic, keep your politics to yourself. This is particularly important to Redpillers, as we tend to have some opinions considerably outside the mainstream.
  • Talk about her favorite subject-Her Ask questions, cold read. Just keep here as the central topic of conversations. The key after she answers your question is to follow up with an observation based on her answer.
  • Expect to carry the conversation for at least 60 seconds Women will typically not engage right away. Be able to monologue for at least sixty seconds to avoid any awkward silences. (Later on, silence is okay, and the burden of conversation will be shifted more equally and eventually, onto her as attraction increases.)
  • Smile and laugh At the end of the day, you can say almost anything if you maintain a high energy demeanor and a commanding frame. Women are very empathetic, so the emotional state you project matters more than what you actually say. I've used openers that amount to verbal diarrhea for 2 minutes and successfully pulled girls doing so. The important point is to maintain frame.

Week 25 Challenge: Develop a 60-90 second monologue that you can use to carry an initial approach, go out and try it out 10 times