Can Gary conquer Boredom before she loses interest in conquering Boredom?

From the Red Pill

Week 24: Boredom

Take a look at what you are doing right now. It is a question whether your actions are conductive to any purpose, or if you're just idling. People idle when they are bored, but it rarely relieves them of boredom, it just cause them to forget about it. People just randomly surf web pages, scroll through Facebook, watch commercials on TV when they are bored. This is called idling.

In modern society, we are so used to boredom that it seems normal to us: We force ourselves to go to school, go to work, talk to people we don't care about, go on pointless errands, or follow some idealized morality about "how to treat people." We somehow think that "being busy" is the opposite of "being bored", just like my dad suggested doing the dishes when I complained about being bored as a teenager. Great, now I'm bored while doing dishes.

How to get out of boredom is up to you, and it has to do with your personality. You need to reflect and figure out what excites you. If you're an intellectual type like I am, engage your curiosity and work on your projects. If you're an extrovert, go out. Develop a list of projects or activities that you would like to do when you have the time: Have activities that fit in on all sorts of schedules, at night or in the day, something that takes a week like a road trip, to something that you can fit into fifteen minutes like practicing your card counting. Whatever these activities are, the only rule is that they have to inspire excitement in you.

We talk a lot about "giving value" and "being high value", but this week is about learning how to give value to yourself. Following this will also indirectly improve your game.