This is it, the final exam of Man School. Did Gary pass? Will she go on to college? What, if anything, is on her Permanent Record?

From the Red Pill

Week 26: The End

So this is it, the final week of this subs main program. We told you (in the sidebar) that we here at /r/becomeman will help you "make the transition from the boy you were to the man you will become." Well, i'm sorry to tell you, we weren't exactly truthful there, because;

A Man is Always Growing

In a social and philosophical sense, there will never be a point where you complete your journey to manhood, because being a man is something which you have to actively do. Every. Single Day.

So, whats the point of all this then? In short, the past 24 weeks (and accompanying challenges) have been a base, the foundation from which all great men are built. To sum up the lessons we've learned; A man is strong. That means a reasonable diet and exercise to keep your body in good working order. A man has varied interests, and a wide spectrum of knowledge. This means he reads books, tries new hobbies, and undertakes campaigns of self improvement.

A man has inner strength. He is an agent for his own interests, and the master of his own emotions, as opposed to his emotions controlling him. He couldn't care less what random people think of him, because he is outcome independent and understands most opinions don't matter. The only permission he needs is his own.

Above all else, a man constantly seeks improvement in these and all other areas. This life demands constant improvement, and if you aren't constantly improving, then by the rule of the Red Queen, you're deteriorating.

This is the final week of the 'program' on /r/becomeaman. We are going to continue the sub in a different format (full explanation to come), which will include post contributions from long standing members. If you are interested in this, make sure you have actively commented on at least 16 of the weeks posts and challenges.

Wk XXIV Challenge: Share one way in which you can keep growing as a man. (Also, go back through and complete challenges you haven't yet completed)