Can Gary achieve greater success with women while remaining monogamous with her partner?

From the Red Pill

Week 23: Women

Okay, this is it. This week we are going to talk about women. Most of the improvements a man makes are motivated, at least in the beginning, by a desire to be more successful with women. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that women (or a woman) are the reason many of you initially hit that subscribe button several months ago. Well this week I'm going to give you the magic formula to have eternal success with women without doing a single thing.




Please. I hope you all understand by now, there are no shortcuts and no easy way to success, particularly with women. It is a skill that is developed like any other, taking hard work and sacrifice. Fortunately for you, the precursor to the skill of success with women is all the skills and traits we've been developing and discussing for the past 20+ weeks. So here are a few tips on applying what we've been doing to attaining the success you desire;

  • Be a Leader: As a man, it is your job to be dominant, to take the lead. All people are attracted to strength, especially women. Your dominance will be noticed and rewarded.
  • Be your best: By now you should be fitter and stronger than you have been in recent memory, perhaps ever. You should have a style that works for you and at least the beginnings of a wardrobe that compliment who you want to be. These two things will help you build attraction before you even say a word. You should also be well read on several topics, know a few new jokes, and have a new hobby or two, as well as some funny stories from your experiences in the past six months. Use these to generate interest when you hold a conversation. You've become a more interesting person in the new year, so show it.
  • Be Confident: I can't stress this enough. If you've been reading this sub, and completing the challenges, you're in the top 10% of men in any given locale. Also, because you are only worried about entertaining yourself, you have an outcome independence that few men ever attain.
  • Practice, Practice, Etc: I'm moderately successful with women. When I go out, I can typically get at least a number, if i'm on my game and that fickle bitch luck doesn't get in my way. I have also been rejected over 500 times. My roommate Fred is arguably the most capable person I've ever met when it comes to women. His idea of a 'rut' is "only 2 girls in a week". He has been rejected over 1,000 times. Several times, he's been shot-out-of-the-sky-with-multiple-anti-air-batteries-that-then-shoot-the-ejecting-pilot rejected.

The point is, each failure makes you better. As Edison said "“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work.”

Wk XX Challenge: Find 10 ways that don't work. Specifically, go out and do 10 approaches. This time, don't try to fail or succeed, try to have fun approaching. Say or do literally anything in your approach as you enjoy it. Share results and approach ideas here.