Season one of perhaps only one, This Week in Masculinity has cast its last pod for the time being. It's been quite a journey from young-lady-hood to Alpha-Malehood, but with the challenges of /r/becomeaman completed and Alpha transcendence achieved, there isn't much left for us to say.

Maybe some day we'll be back with a new challenge. Maybe Gary will find a way to transcend her current transcendence, or maybe another brave soul will step up to face and analyze the travails of being a Man in this modern world. Maybe.

Meanwhile, we'll be around, posting here occasionally, Alpha-Manning the Twitter account, and considering what may or may not come next. How about re-listening to the podcast from the very beginning as a way to mark this historic closing of a historically Manly chapter in podcasting? I mean, why not?

Thanks everyone for your attention and love. (We're going to assume it was love.)

Peace out, Man.