1. Welcome to Man School

    This Week in Masculinity is a deep dive into modern Manhood with enterprising modern woman Gary and her microphone-equipped man-friend Ace.

    To figure out what it really means to be an Alpha Male and play the game of modern sexual politics, Gary has embarked on a perilous journey into Man School, a series of tasks designed by the masculinity experts on Reddit to turn any beta loser into an Alpha Winner. Every week she attempts a new challenge from the /r/becomeaman from the fine folks of the Reddit Red Pill community, and then chats with Ace about the results. Does she have what it takes, or is Man School a pile of misogynist bull-doody? Join us as we try to find out.

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  2. School's Out

    Season one of perhaps only one, This Week in Masculinity has cast its last pod for the time being. It's been quite a journey from young-lady-hood to Alpha-Malehood, but with the challenges of /r/becomeaman completed and Alpha transcendence achieved, there isn't much left for us to say.

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